Welcome to Unity Consulting

At Unity Consulting, Inc we view your organization as a dynamic entity that is comprised of separate identifiable working parts. Unity Consulting, Inc assists in making certain that these working parts are operating at a capacity that is most efficient and effective.  We do this by creating an organizational culture of high productivity through maximizing your organization’s human capital potential. We confront and provide resolution to a variety of complex organizational issues that prohibit an organization from being adaptable to internal change factors such as: Mission/Purpose, Processes, Performance Expectations and Partnerships.

In assisting our clients we:

  • Access the strengths and developmental areas of organization’s leadership, culture and processes.
  • Analyze the information acquired about strengths and developmental areas
  • Achieve solutions through partnering with our clients to develop strategies, interventions and methodologies to be administered.
  • Evaluate results and offer continued consultation and support to assure that solutions are implemented and working accordingly.